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PMTømrer is the ultimate solution for all your renovation needs. We are your go-to professionals for every home improvement project - from basement renovation to kitchen remodeling. As an experienced home renovation and improvement contractor, we are capable of enhancing the function, aesthetics, and value of your home.

At PMTømrer, we employ the best professionals who are capable of working in the most dynamic and diverse housing markets. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure that your home renovation project runs smoothly with the best results. We make use of the best techniques, tools, and material to complete the entire renovation process, starting with the initial planning and design phase, and ending with the finishing touches.


At PMTømrer, we employ many reliable and skilled professionals covering many aspects of the construction process and can recommend high quality suppliers to ensure you find the perfect materials and fittings for your home or office. We offer a professional and reliable service.


We are a team of accomplished experts in our craft. Working for businesses and homeowners, we have been involved in a wide variety of projects including new build homes and large-scale renovations. Our work with individuals sees us take a highly personal approach, providing specialist carpentry services such as bespoke, made-to-measure furniture and storage solutions. As such, we are accustomed to catering for the unique needs of each individual customer who chooses PMTømrer.

Our wide ranges of services includes: installing bespoke shelving, fitting new doors, constructing made-to-measure kitchens, wardrobes, home entertainment systems and home libraries as well as designing and installing home offices and retail premises. We are specialists in all types of carpentry services

The ultimate dream is a new build home constructed to your exact requirements with finishes that will stun and delight. PMTømrer builds to the very highest specifications, working with you to ensure that we deliver your dream home from start to finish.

If you are looking for a complete renovation, we are the experts here. We can strip out, take the plaster off and rewire the property, fit a new heating system if need be. PMTømrer can re-insulate and re-plaster the whole property. We can add any extensions required, do a basement conversion if required and a loft conversion. We can also supply and fit new windows. In fact there is nothing we cannot do, even if the property requires structural works like underpinning, PMTømrer can do that too.

Whether you need a little help from our professional designers or you have already had necessary components and fixtures for your kitchen renovation mapped out in your head, our commendable team provides unsurpassed workmanship and impeccable level of customer service.

PMTømrer trusted experts can quickly and professionaly change or install new dors, gates or windows into your house, garage or office. Our professional eye will suggest the best material and the best product that fits your needs.

PMTømrer can advise, fix or replace any type of windows to your home or office. Contact us for a consultation and we will find a best solution for your needs.

Whether dreaming of a brand new roof or renovating the existing roof, have a chat with PMTømrer about your wishes and needs. We have many years of experience in roof renovation as well as roofing and we always strive to provide the best and correct advice in the upcoming roof work.

We perform all types of roofing work. We put in a new roof, we renovate and replace roofs, we install twigs and skylights and we offer professional roof maintenance / roof service.

PMTømrer are focused on building high-quality commercial structures. We provide our clients with unique solutions to stay ahead of the competition and have an advantage over competitors. All our buildings are tailored to your exact business requirements.

We get involved in every aspect of your building project, Our builders and craftsmen will work alongside your architects, project managers and other on-site contractors.

PMTømrer is the right choice for your commercial construction needs.

Why  Us

We offer the best quality and expertise in the Copenhagen area. Flexibility, eye to the details and reliability is why our customers trusted us. PMTømrer will fullfill all your construction needs.


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